Portraits of wine with José

We know Jose very early on when we started our journey with wine. We met at a wine tasting where each person brought a bottle of wine so everyone can share those together. Thinking back, I started to realize that night is more of getting together of a bunch of drinker to share bottles of wine rather than a wine tasting per se. But then there was Jose. The geeky way he talked about wines, regions, how it was made and the spark in his eyes when he introduced the bottles that he brought along. I know this guy is not an usual wine drinker, but a true wine lover.

So it is natural for us to think of Jose as the starter for this series as we have always came to him when we have questions about wine. Let's get to know about him and wine!

So Jose, how many bottles you have drunk in this lockdown?

I drank 2 times.

What was the last bottle that you had?

A Saumur Champigny from Loire made of Cabernet Franc.

What do you miss most about wine?

I think it's the social interaction. It is hard to define wine without the people. Even in the last 2 times, i drank over the internet with my friends.

What is the meaning of wine to you in this lockdown?

I know it's cliche, but I always find it true that wine brings people together. So even in this lockdown when we cannot meet each other, wine still finds a way to connect us. It's a funny story that last year when Vietnam handled the pandemic well, I was really free and my friends back home were in total lockdown; so I bought some wines and drank with them to cheer them up. Thing changes completely this year. Now they bought wines and drank with me to support me back.

When you are free, what is the first bottle that you will drink?

It would be a sparkling if I celebrate with my football team. For myself, I would choose a chilled Riesling. I am really craving for that.

The last question: if there is no more wines in this world, what would you do?

Man, I will switch to beer 😆 but seriously, I always plan to do something with beer but since I'm caught up with wine. There is no time for that. So yeah, beer is the way to go in case wines are erased from this world.

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